#ALCTSx17 Blog Launch

Welcome to the ALCTS Exchange blog. In the months prior to the ALCTS Exchange, this space will be used to cultivate conversation about the conference themes, share logistical information about the event, and serve as a place for event pre-reading and pre-work. Anastasia Chiu and Erin Leach, ALCTS Exchange Working Group members, will serve as your primary blog authors and cruise directors. Anastasia and Erin wanted to introduce themselves to you, since you’ll be hearing a lot from them in the coming months.

headshot of Erin LeachHi, friends! I’m Erin Leach and I’m thrilled to be working with Anastasia over the next few months to bring you quality content about the ALCTS Exchange. I’m currently the Head of Serials Cataloging at the University of Georgia. I’ve been active in ALCTS in various roles since 2008 and the division has helped me grow both personally and professionally. In addition to working on the ALCTS Exchange, I’m currently on the ALCTS Leadership Development Committee. I’m committed to the growth of people who do collections and technical services work and I’m so excited that ALCTS is hosting an event where both members and non-members can come together to talk about issues that will have a long-lasting and far-ranging impact. I hope you’ll join Anastasia and me (and a guest blogger or two) in the coming months as we dig deeper into various aspects of the ALCTS Exchange!

headshot of Anastasia ChiuHello all, and thanks for joining us. I’m Anastasia Chiu, and in my everyday life, I’m a second-year Resident Librarian at Temple University. I became active in ALCTS in 2014 and am constantly learning from other members of the ALCTS community. I’m currently a member of the division’s Publications Committee, and am fortunate to be the ALCTS-sponsored Emerging Leader for 2017. The ALCTS Exchange Working Group has spent much time and much effort putting together this event, and I hope to see it highlight both innovative topics and innovative modes of interaction. Erin and I have lots of exciting things to share with you in the coming months, so I hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Stay tuned to this space, and don’t forget to register!

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