Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Will this event be recorded so that those who are unable to attend the event in its entirety will have the opportunity to listen to the sessions at a time that is convenient? If so, how long will the recordings be available after the conference?

Answer: The recordings and slides will be available for viewing following the presentations in case you miss a live presentation.  Event participants will have access to the event site and content for up to one year following the ALCTS Exchange.

Question:  Will the archives be made available for free?

Answer: We are exploring the possibility of making the archives available for free after an embargo period of at least six months. We are planning to make this event interactive—much more so than our ALCTS webinars are now. The archives will be limited to recorded presentations and will not be as energized and interactive as the live event.

Question: Will this event be interactive with audience participation or will attendees only be able to listen and view the event?

Answer: We plan to build in opportunities to hold discussions with presenters and fellow attendees.  We’re asking presenters to incorporate interactive features into their presentations, such as pre-event assignments/readings, pre-event surveys, live session polling, and live or asynchronous question and answer sessions.

Question:  Can I submit a proposal even if I’m not a member of ALCTS or ALA?

Answer: Proposals are welcome from any individual, group, or organization. Membership in ALCTS, ALA, or any other organization is not required.

Question: Do I have to register for the ALCTS Exchange if I want to submit a proposal?

Answer: You do not need to be registered for the ALCTS Exchange to submit a presentation proposal; however, presenters will be encouraged to participate as fully as possible in the ALCTS Exchange experience, which will require registration.

Question: I live outside the U.S. and, due to the time difference, cannot attend the sessions live. Can I still participate in the ALCTS Exchange and will the presentations be recorded and available for viewing after each session?

Answer: Yes, you can still attend the ALCTS Exchange if you are in a different time zone. The structure of our event is built so participants do not have to attend every session live. The recordings for each session will be archived and available for asynchronous viewing.

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