Call for Proposals

The ALCTS Exchange is an excellent opportunity to share the latest research, trends, and developments in technical services and collection management in an innovative, creatively engaging virtual environment. The ALCTS Exchange Working Group welcomes proposals that highlight the innovation happening in the profession as well as reflect on the progress made in past decades. As such, proposal topics should be relevant to the overarching theme, Embracing the Past, Building the Future, as well as the daily themes for each session.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following four points:

  1. Relevance to the Exchange’s Themes and Audience
  2. Opportunities for Learning
  3. Opportunities for Audience Interaction
  4. Diversity and Inclusion

For more information on submitting a proposal, visit the following:

Elements of a Successful Proposal

Success Criteria

Session Formats

The call for proposals for the ALCTS Exchange is now closed. Proposal submitters will be notified by early February 2017.

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