Session Formats

When submitting a proposal for the ALCTS Exchange, please consider which session format would work best for presenting your program ideas. Session formats include:

Full-session Proposals

Several presenters prepare content for a 35-minute session, with an additional 10-minute Q&A period for all presenters. Full-session proposals should include multiple presentations with content that is topically related.

Individual Presentations

An individual presentation is given within 15 minutes with an additional five-minute Q&A period. Several individual presentations will be grouped together by ALCTS Exchange organizers to create a single session.

Lightning Round

Each participant is given seven minutes to give a presentation. At the end of the lightning round, there will be a 10-minute Q&A period for all presenters in the session. Topics for lightning rounds related to innovative projects or research are encouraged.

Virtual Posters

Posters can be static images or brief media presentations and will be accessible to ALCTS Exchange registrants before, during, and after the 45-minute poster sessions. Other opportunities for ALCTS Exchange attendees to interact with poster presenters may be developed as event planning progresses.

Pop “Out of the Box”

Presenters will be given a time slot of 30 or fewer minutes in which they should address an aspect of one or more of the ALCTS Exchange themes. Special attention should be given to the idea of interactivity and innovation when it comes to both content and delivery. As the format title implies, presenters should think outside of the box.

The call for proposals for the ALCTS Exchange is now closed. Proposal submitters will be notified by early February 2017.

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