Centering the Margins of the Scholarly Record: Librarians, Social Justice, and Scholarly Communication

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Scholarly publishing exists at the intersection of academia, publishing, and librarianship. Each field presents systemic barriers, such as tenure and peer review, that push scholarship by and about underrepresented populations to the margins of the scholarly record. Dominated by a North American/European, white, male perspective, traditional scholarly publishing silences many voices representing differing races and ethnicities, nationalities, languages, research subjects, methodologies and theoretical viewpoints. The marginalization and silencing of these voices in the scholarly record can significantly impede a faculty member’s ability to secure tenure and promotion, and impede the global development of knowledge.

Through scholarly communication and library publishing programs, librarians can disrupt traditional modes of publications in format, content, and process. The presenters will talk about their experiences in these areas, addressing topics like race, culture, sexuality, gender and globalization in scholarly communication, library publishing, and institutional repositories. Presenters will also introduce ways to talk to faculty and students about the entire scholarly communication lifecycle, and how they can circumvent cultural bias and injustice. Working with faculty and students, librarians can work towards a scholarly communication ecosystem that is hospitable to a diversity of voices.

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    Harrison Inefuku

  • Harrison Inefuku, Co-Lead, Digital Scholarship and Initiatives Department, Scholarly Publishing Services Librarian, Iowa State University
    Harrison Inefuku is the Co-Lead of Digital Scholarship and Initiatives Department and Scholarly Publishing Services Librarian at Iowa State University, where he oversees the university’s institutional repository and leads library publishing efforts. Harrison’s research and professional interests are in diversity and social justice in the information professions, and the intersection of archival management and institutional repositories.

    Charlotte Roh

  • Charlotte Roh, Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University of San Francisco
    Charlotte Roh is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University of San Francisco where she engages in outreach and education around issues of open access, copyright and author rights, library publishing, institutional repositories, and data. Her personal and professional interests are the integration of scholarly communication and social justice in order to effect change in librarianship and publishing.
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