Preserving Connections: Connecting to Communities Through Preservation Programming

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This program seeks to demonstrate the value of preservation as a tool to create community connections. Advocating for the preservation of our cultural heritage collections can be a means to connect the dots between the community and the library/archive, as institution. This engagement can invite and empower our users to see themselves as active contributors to cultural memory, of which, the institution is only a small part.

This two part presentation begins with Miriam Nelson who will share examples of successful programs across the country from institutions who have taken Preservation Week as a jumping off point to fully engage their with their communities and meet their users where they live. Miriam will discuss how the Preservation Outreach committee can offer resources to help bring this kind of programming to your institution. After this overview we will dive deeper into how preservation outreach and programming can have a personal and social impact. Nancy Godoy-Powell will share information about the Preserving Arizona’s Latina/o/x Presence: Community-Based Workshops on Archival Preservation and K-12 Curriculum Project. In Arizona, the Latino community makes up 30% of the population but is only represented in 2% of the state’s known archival holdings. The goal of this project is to engage, educate, and empower the community by showing them how to preserve their own archives and become community archivist.

    Miriam Nelson

  • Miriam Nelson, Head of Preservation, Ohio University Libraries
    Miriam Nelson brings her background in art history and cultural memory to her position of Head of Preservation where she is responsible for the administration of the preservation and conservation program at Ohio University Libraries as well as the management of the Southeast Ohio Regional Library Depository. As Chair Elect of the Ohio Preservation Council and Preservation Week Coordinator she has a deep interest in the preservation of cultural heritage collections and context.

    Nancy Liliana Godoy-Powell

  • Nancy Liliana Godoy-Powell,  Archivist and Librarian of the Chicano/a Research Collection at Arizona State University
    Nancy Liliana Godoy-Powell is responsible for collection development, archival arrangement-description, community outreach – exhibits, and instruction-specialized reference services. She received her B.A. in History at Northern Arizona University and M.A. in Library Science at University of Arizona. As a Knowledge River alumna, she’s a passionate advocate for underserved communities in libraries and archives, more specifically the Latino community. In 2015, she also helped co-establish the Arizona LGBT History Project, an initiative to preserve local history. In addition, Nancy recently received the 2017 Arizona Humanities Rising Star Award.
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