Skill Building for Effective Use of Multidimensional Measurements in Collection Assessments

Session Description

Are you responsible for performing or reviewing collection assessments in your library? Traditional quantitative measures of collection assessment focus on one-dimensional reporting, such as number of holdings or circulations. Yet engagement with multidimensional measures, such as ratios, allow for more efficient measurement of collection effectiveness. In this training session we will de-mystify quantitative analysis and participants will leave this session empowered with an understanding of three key multidimensional measures and the skills to implement these ratios at your institution.

Multidimensional measures that will be explored include Percentage of Expected Use (PEU), Percentage of Expected Holdings (PEH) and Ratio of Borrowings to Holdings (RBH). Development of analytical skills and engagement with quantitative measurements will positively position participants as leaders and innovators in today’s competitive workforce. This workshop will be beneficial if you are just entering the exciting arena of collections analysis, if it has been a few years since you last worked with quantitative collections data, or if you are a seasoned professional seeking new approaches for analysis of existing data streams. The strategies and techniques offered in this workshop will focus of three primary objectives: an increased understanding of the limitations of conventional one-dimensional collection analysis measures; calculation of key collection measurement ratios using live collections data from a tier-one research institute; and application of these collection measurement ratios to identify collection discrepancies and areas in need of enhancement.

This training session offers participants’ key resources from the field focused on multidimensional quantitative assessment of collections, hands-on engagement with key collections ratios, and a participatory forum for engagement and dialogue throughout the training session with fellow participants and presentation leaders.

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Karen Harker

  • Karen R. Harker, MLS, MPH, Collection Assessment Librarian, University of North Texas Libraries

    Karen Harker earned her MLS from Texas Woman’s University in 1999 and her MPH from UT School of Public Health in 2007. From 2000 to 2009 she evaluated and developed Web-based information systems for UT Southwestern Medical Center Library. After three years as biostatistician for a psychiatry clinical trial, she returned to librarianship in 2012 to serve as Collection Assessment Librarian for the University of North Texas Libraries. She has applied her skills in research methods, statistical analysis, and data management to the broad evaluation of library collections.

Janette Klein

  • Janette D. Klein, MLS, PhD student, Graduate Research Assistant, University of North Texas Libraries

    Janette Klein is an Interdisciplinary Information Science PhD student at the University of North Texas. Her areas of interest and research include communities of practice, collection assessment, information behavior needs and practices within alternative information worlds, sociocultural norming behavior, social network analysis, and information science theory development. Janette Klein is currently a Graduate Library Assistant in the Collection Development Department at the University of North Texas Libraries. Janette Klein received her MLS degree from the University of North Texas in 2013 and also holds Graduate Academic Certificates in Advanced Management in Libraries and Information Agencies, and Digital Content Management.

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