Introducing the ALCTS Exchange Working Group!

The ALCTS Exchange Working Group has been hard at work behind the scenes for many months. While you can find the members of the working group listed on the “organizers” page of the ALCTS Exchange site, Anastasia and Erin thought it would be nice to give people a chance to introduce themselves. We’ll be sharing these introductions a few a time, interspersed with other ALCTS Exchange-related content.

Katy DiVittorio:

Hello! I’m Katy DiVittorio and work as the Acquisitions Librarian at Auraria Library in Denver, CO. As a newer member (joined December 2016) of the ALCTS Exchange Working Group I’m excited to start working with a committed and active group to bring this new venture to life.

I have been a member of ALCTS since 2012 and currently serve on the ALCTS Esther J. Piercy Award Jury, ALCTS Committee on Research and Statistics, and am Vice Co-Chair of the ALCTS New Members Interest Group. I was honored to be sponsored by ALCTS as a 2014 ALA Emerging Leader. ALCTS offers a myriad of opportunities for involvement and professional development and I hope this new program will continue to support members growth and development.

Erica Findley:

My name is Erica Findley and I am a young, forward-looking Information Professional interested in connecting people with the ideas and information they need. I specialize in the organization of information in the digital environment. I am currently the Cataloging/Metadata Librarian at Multnomah County Library. I am passionate about Library advocacy and am on the board of EveryLibrary, the first national PAC for all libraries everywhere. I have been actively involved with ALCTS since 2008 and have benefitted from the mentorship of many ALCTS members. Also, I am a Councilor-at-large for the American Library Association because I believe that ALA can do more to connect with and develop new professionals. As a member of the ALCTS Exchange committee, I am looking forward to breaking ground with this entirely online event for Technical Services professionals.

Alana Verminski:

My name is Alana Verminski and I am the collection development librarian at Bailey/Howe Library at the University of Vermont. While my current position is focused on collection building and assessment, I also have a background in electronic resources management. I joined ALCTS rather recently in 2015, but have always appreciated ALCTS’s continuing education opportunities. Like all of the Exchange Working Group members, I am very excited to be part of this event and hope you are too! From my perspective, the Exchange is a celebration of ALCTS’s past and future, as well as a great chance for us to learn from one another. The call for proposals has closed, and I am impressed by the number of relevant, engaging, and reflective proposals that we’ve received. See you all in May!

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