Meet the ALCTS Exchange Working Group: Part two

Planning for the ALCTS Exchange is in full swing, and members of the ALCTS Exchange Working Group are still hard at work coordinating various logistics of the event. Before we introduce two more members of the ALCTS Exchange Working Group, Anastasia and Erin wanted to draw your attention to a couple of things:

  1. You might’ve noticed that we now have two confirmed speakers listed on the Presenters page: Trevor A. Dawes and Mizuko Ito. The ALCTS Exchange Working Group is excited to hear from these engaging speakers, and we hope that you are too!
  2. The call for virtual posters has been extended to March 17, 2017. If you thought about submitting a poster but didn’t get around to it, there’s still time! Take a look at the virtual poster proposal form and consider submitting a poster for inclusion in the ALCTS Exchange.

And now…on to the introductions!

Karla Streib

I’m Karla Strieb. Chairing the ALCTS Exchange Working Group is one of the most interesting and exciting professional opportunities I’ve ever said ‘Yes!’ to. My day job is Associate Director, Content & Access at the Ohio State University Libraries. I’ve been an ALCTS member since the mid-90’s but the recent shift in ALCTS toward creating a new future for ALCTS and for the professionals who work with collections and technical services has won my enthusiastic support. After saying yes to helping develop the Exchange, it’s been a mind-expanding experience. Wrapping my head around a fully virtual conference and all the ways that can be done innovatively and effectively has been thrilling. Pushing myself to work with technologies to facilitate virtual interaction has been scary but helped me a lot in a range of professional activities. I’m now much more comfortable in front of a camera or paying attention to screen cues during online discussions. I’ve already learned a tremendous amount and I hope the Exchange participants find themselves enjoying a range of new experiences and new ideas through their participation in May.

Matt Carruthers

Hi everyone!  I’m Matt Carruthers, and I’m the Metadata Projects Librarian at the University of Michigan.  I’ve been an active member of ALCTS since 2012.  In addition to being a member of the ALCTS Exchange Working Group, I currently serve as a member of the ALCTS Membership Committee.  I’m excited to a part of developing this new event, showcasing innovative learning and engagement opportunities and highlighting all the great work being done in our professional community.

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